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SSAA Member Advantages

Members only

You’ll be covered at home, at the range, while hunting plus overseas for up to 28 days.

This great-value protection covers you against loss, damage or theft and the excess is only $100 per claim. What’s more, claims are settled for replacement value up to 5 years of age assessed by an approved firearms dealer.

Compare it to your Home & Contents policy, which may have a far greater excess than $100 and only covers your firearms at home. Members are also discovering that if your firearms and accessories are listed on a Home & Contents policy you will save money by removing them. If you want to know more, call the SSAA.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer for SSAA members only – for only $35, it pays to be covered.

All dividends flow back to SSAA clubs

Members PA Top Up

As an SSAA member you automatically have Income Protection to a maximum of $750 per week*. You receive this SSAA benefit if you are injured taking part in a lawful recreational shooting activity. 

NOW for only $15 per year you can increase that benefit to a maximum of $2000 per week* for 104 weeks.

This NEW members ONLY benefit from SSAA National is so easy to get. You’ll be joining the SSAA members who feel more secure knowing that their income is adequately protected.

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Click here and complete the application form and pay the $15 premium. Once payment is confirmed you’ll automatically receive an email confirming payment, policy wording and schedule of cover.

*Based on 85% of your taxable weekly earnings.

Top-UP Firearms Cover

Being an SSAA member you have the option to include cover for your registered firearms and fixed accessories to your SSAA

Membership, currently this cover is limited to the value of $25,000 per membership period.

NOW for around $250* you can increase that cover by $50,000.

Apply today

This NEW Top Up Cover is so easy to get. Click here and complete the application form.

You’ll be joining the SSAA members who feel more secure knowing that their valuable firearms investment is adequately protected.

*Subject to statutory charges

SSAA Members and Club Insurance Program

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The information provided by SSAA General Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd on this website is for general information purposes only, and it is not a substitute for professional advice. You should always consider the PDS/Policy wording before making a decision.

Coverage may differ based on specific clauses in individual policies. Refer to the FSG on our website or by requesting a copy for our services and remuneration details.